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  • Mornings with Ruby & Cruise
    Ruby is Cruise's best friend but Cruise isn't Ruby's best friend Ruby is allergic to poppy seeds Ruby has broken both of her arms Ruby likes to watch TV Ruby enjoys naps and sleeping in on weekends and really just sleep in general Ruby drinks tea Ruby likes to explore Ruby loves driving Ruby doesn't like this activity.
  • Mornings with Ruby & Cruise
    Cruise may not be for everyone. Reading this blog will likely result in a spiral of Star Wars trivia and movie trailers. Ask your doctor if Cruise is right for you.
  • Morning Show Producer
    Joey actually began his quest to Vancouver by stalking Ruby & Cruise. He followed them around until eventually he revealed himself as a super fan and luckily for him Ruby & Cruise are narcissists and they wanted him around for constant compliments and praise. As morning show producer Joey will answer the phone when you call and he loves to chat so feel free to call about anything you want... stories, food, complaints, whatever.
  • Mornings with Ruby & Cruise
    Leslie single handedly got Justin Trudeau elected. Remember when he thanked the volunteers? Yeah, he pretty much just meant her. When Leslie isn’t on a crusade for a better Canada, you can find her drinking wine, at spin class (she’s the really sweaty one), or drinking wine at spin class (that’s what the cup holders are for, right?) Hear Leslie every morning giving you all of the traffic and news you need and some that you don’t need on Mornings with Ruby & Cruise.
  • Middays
    Vancouver-ite Emilie Clarke didn't always know she wanted to be in radio but one morning before heading to college she had an epiphany and never looked back! A Columbia Academy graduate, Emilie has worked in Vancouver and Penticton pursuing her love of music, celebrity gossip and entertaining.
  • Afternoons
    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Matty B 1. He’s obsessed with Japanese pop culture 2. Wants to be the 5th member of One Direction 3. Has an extensive Power Rangers collection 4. Swears he invented Carpool-Karaoke 5. Believes Saturday mornings are still for cartoons
  • Evenings
    Sutto comes to us from Australia via Winnipeg. He probably should have been born a Canadian because he’s addicted to Tim Hortons, loves hockey and never complains about the cold. Sutto found Manitoba several years ago and didn't quite make it to BC, but now he's here we can't get rid of him.
  • Simone is the J.Lo of media, although she can’t sing, dance or act… she’s a triple threat with over 15 years of broadcasting experience in radio, television and online digital content. She’s also danced in a Bollywood film, performed standup comedy in LA, given childbirth…but somehow she can’t pronounce the word intricate.
  • That 90's Show
    Buzz has set 2 Guinness World Records, has a Bacon Number of 2 and, yes, that's him with Ryan Gosling in an episode of Breaker High. Buzz owns 4 websites, runs marathons for Team Diabetes. and always picks the window seat. He has 2 sons, a wife, and really wants to go to space.