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    Vancouver-ite Emilie Clarke didn't always know she wanted to be in radio but one morning before heading to college she had an epiphany and never looked back! A Columbia Academy graduate, Emilie has worked in Vancouver and Penticton pursuing her love of music, celebrity gossip and entertaining.


Johnny Depp Surprised Disney Land Goers

Imagine riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Land and Johnny Depp hows up!

It happened!


Reporter Makes Lewd Comment About Ivanka Trump

A Fox News presenter is taking a break from TV after he made a joke about Ivanka Trump that was widely interpreted as a sexual innuendo. Moments after suggesting left-wingers booing the first daughter, were being disrespectful, Jesse Watters said he "liked how she was speaking into that microphone", before smirking at his fellow presenters.


Serena Williams Revealed Pregnancy By Accident

Last week we found out that Serena Williams is expecting. She's shared her 20 week baby bump on SnapChat but then took it down. See the picture here. Read more...

Katy Perry Tweets Cryptic Message

Last night Katy Perry tweeted a recipe of a cherry pie and the internet somehow thinks in Katy's way of teasing new music! Read more...

Elon Musk And Amber Heard Go Public

Elon Musk and Amber Heard are Instagram official!

They both posted similar photos on their social medias this weekend.

The pair are in Australia. Amber is there filming the upcoming movie Aquaman.

Elon is worth $13.2 Billion after founding Telsa.


Serena Williams Is Pregnant

Obama Has A New Job

Adda boy!

Prince William & Lady Gaga Talk About Mental Health

Prince William and Lady Gaga Talking Mental Health

Why Is Hugh Jackman In Vancouver

This morning Hugh Jackman tweeted a selfie in North Van!

But why is he here?

Could he be here to film a cameo for Deadpool 2? Brook called to say they've already started filming in Port Kels!


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser

And we have to wait until Christmas?!?! That seems so far away!