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Adele Breaks Record for Longest-Charting Album

Adele is unstoppable !!!

Adele Might Not Tour Again

“touring isn’t something I’m good at” - Adele

Adele Fan Sells Bag Of Air From Concert

We all love Adele... but this is extreme...

Someone is selling a bag of air from one of Adele's Australian concerts.

It's being sold as "Legit bag of air. Content: Adele. 13/3/2017 Adelaide Oval" and it's going for $155 American. But there are more bags of air you can buy. See here.

Would you buy it???

Adele's Beyoncé Impersonation

Adele does Beyoncé !

Adele Has A Secret Twitter Account!


Last night, during her show in Australia, Adele confessed to have a secret twitter account.

Adele was banned from tweeting directly from her own account. In 2015, she explained to the BBC: "I mean I'm not a drinker any more, but when Twitter first came out I was, like, drunk tweeting, and nearly put my foot in it quite a few times."

Last night on stage Adele said "I was looking on Twitter last night. They don't know I have a secret account. Well obviously they do now because I said that. By 'they' I mean my management."

I repeat, WHAT IS THE ACCOUNT?! We want uncensored Adele too!

Supposedly it was @HelloBeyonceFan25 but that account is no longer active.

So we stalk and wait...

Is Adele Married? She's Wearing A Ring

The internet thinks Adele is married.

She was in LA with her son running errands and she’s wearing a ring on her wedding finger. Further evidence, her longtime boyfriend and baby daddy, Simon Konecki, was spotted wearing a ring too. Read more...

Adele's 25 Is The Most Returned Present

This can't be right !!!

One of the largest websites for trading in unwanted gifts during the holiday season is Musicmagpie. They said Adele's 25 album is the most traded in CD this year. Read more...

The Top 10 Most ‘Googled’ Songs of 2016

End of the year means lists!

These were the most ‘Googled’ songs of 2016.

-“Formation” (Beyoncé)

Adele Making A Baby

Adele finished the North American league of her tour. She finished her 107th show in Phoenix, Arizona last night.

As she said good-bye she said "I’m going to have another baby.” Guess her son will be becoming a big brother!

Adele posted an adorable sign her family made and hung in their home.


Adele Tickets Go For 18x Their Price in Australia

Adele is taking her tour to Australia.

She hasn't been down under in 10 years so when tickets went on sale this morning they sold out. Now people are re-selling tickets for 18 times what they cost.

Tickets for the singer’s show at Perth’s Domain Stadium were on sale for $5,645.18 through Viagogo – when the original price was $308.77, with no guarantee of the seat number.

Reselling sites were offering tickets for $2,590.29 for the Adelaide and Melbourne shows, $1,946.29 for Brisbane and $1,349 for Sydney. Read more...