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Justin Bieber Singing in Spanish

Listen HERE!

Justin Bieber Disses The Weeknd... Again!

So... guess Justin Bieber isn't cool with his ex Selena Gomez dating The Weeknd?

The other night this video surfaced of Biebes making fun of The Weeknd.  This is the 2nd time he's thrown shade at fellow Canadian The Weeknd. Watch that video here. Read more...

Lady Gaga Has A New Man!

Lady Gaga has a new man!

Justin Bieber Owns 3 Out Of 10 VEVO's Most Viewed In 2016

Our Justin Bieber owns 3 out of 10 of VEVO's most viewed videos in 2016.

VEVO is like YouTube but it's owned by Universal Music Group.

His songs are Sorry, What Do You Mean and Love Yourself.

Oddly... he's only in 1 out of the 3 music videos.


Justin Bieber Punches Fan

This is too far.

Yesterday Justin Bieber punched a fan in the face and made him bleed.

JB is in Barcelona for his tour.

Just a though... if Justin doesn't want people to touch him... he should do up his windows!


Justin Bieber Pantsed in Prague

While in Prague yesterday, Justin Bieber was walking around his car when a fan pulled his pants down!


Justin Bieber Cries On Stage

Seems like Justin Bieber has been going through some stuff. He's yelled at fans, he's walked off stage and now he's crying with them? Or at them? Not really sure.

While doing his show in Germany, Biebes started crying during his song Purpose.

Hope he's ok!


Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage

JB did it again!

He threw a fit at his latest show in the UK.

In the video you can see Justin Bieber storm off stage and drop his mic. He did come back after a couple minutes. Read more...

Justin Bieber Tells Fans To "Take A Chill Pill"

While doing his show in London Monday, Justin Bieber tried to have a heart to heart with his fans.

But as you can imagine in an arena full of screaming teens... it didn't work. So JB told them to "take a chill pill."

Rude or respectful?


Justin Bieber Under Disguise

Justin Bieber is in Amsterdam right now.

He must want to feel normal because he walked the streets in a disguise. Biebes was wearing a wig and a mustache.

The disguise wasn't THAT good though because he was recognized by the paparazzi. Read more...